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Candle Making Experience Hugo & Co

I was kindly invited to a Candle Making Experience with Hugo & Co, something that’s been on my wish list for a long time. Hugo & Co are based in North Tyneside with strong connections to Northumberland.

Martin Patterson one of the owners was born and bred in Beadnell and still has strong family links to Northumberland. Martin begun Hugo + Co (named after his son) following a successful career in sales and it came about after looking for a change of direction.

After much industry research in the home fragrance and decor sector, Martin (pictured above) decided to go into the candle and home fragrance business and his ethos became to support sustainability whilst creating the highest quality products he could. He begun producing 100% natural hand crafted candles and home fragrances. Which is one of the main reasons why Hugo & Co use soy wax in all of their candles. Soy wax is eco-friendly, clean-burning, longer-lasting and provides a much better long lasting fragrance than other types of wax such as paraffin, and is also less likely to trigger allergy-like symptoms and irritate the respiratory tract.

On arrival to the Candle Making Experience we were shown around the workshop space and studio, as well as the new soon to open shop area. We were then offered a selection of drinks including a choice of Prosecco, Tea/Coffee or a variety of soft drinks.

Martin then gave us an insight into the candle making process before we begun exploring the different fragrances

and how they are made as well as their varying sensory properties. We then got to look and smell all of the individual fragrances which gave us the opportunity to decide on our own preferences for scents for our candles that we would be making.

We narrowed this choice to our three favourite fragrances which would then help formulate our own candle creations and was a most enjoyable part of the session.

My first two choices of Shanghai Blossom and Pear and Freesia quite surprised me as usually I don’t normally favour floral fragrances maybe it was my summer vibe going on. My third choice however was a lot more intense, a sweet but rich and intense honey and tobacco, a complete contrast to the my others two choices.

After choosing our fragrances we then blended the oils by hand into the molten wax (which was melted in a special machine to a critical temperature) and then poured into our 6 large tea lights which have a burn of upto 12 hours each and two tins which can burn up to 45hrs each which we would get to take home (we had already set up the wicks and the moulds before).

Also included in the experience package is a large 3 wick candle, which you get to take with you (these all have to be either collected afterwards as they won’t be set on the day or you can pay a small delivery charge to have them delivered) fabulous value for the price of the experience which costs £45

The whole experience was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon (2.5 hrs) a really mindful, social and creative activity and a lovely way to bring friends together. They also offer children’s workshops with their Juicy range of candles, a great family or fun party activity.

Huge thanks to Martin and the Hugo & Co team for the invite and a wonderful afternoon and experience.

If you think this is something you would enjoy then check here for more details

Hugo & Co 0191 691 1902

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sounds like a great experience and an awesome business

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Coastal Custodian
Coastal Custodian
17 Σεπ 2022
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If you would like further details about it message me x

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