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About The Coastal Custodian

What does The Coastal Custodian do?

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about some of the things I get involved with as The ‘Coastal Custodian’ Northumberland.

If you follow my Facebook and Instagram accounts you will see from those pages , which I run voluntarily that I am a huge supporter of Northumberland’s local businesses and creatives promoting #shoplocal and #supportsmallbusinesses whilst showcasing our beautiful area through my photography, videos and live streams. However in addition to this there are lots of other things environmentally that I am involved with such as:

  • Reporting problems to and assisting ranger and wildlife services such as British Divers Marine Rescue, Coast Care, Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Space for Shorebirds, RNLI, Northumberland AONB and the HM Coastguard. To find out more about these organisations check these out: British Divers Marine Life Rescue Coast Care Northumberland Northumberland Wildlife Trust Space For Shorebirds Blyth Wildlife Rescue Royal National Lifeboat Institution

  • Litter picking, beach cleans and recycling projects

  • Reporting local maintenance issues to local councils and environmental organisations such as National Trust and Northumberland County Council

  • Organising fundraising to support local projects such as the RNLI, Blyth Wildlife Rescue Centre, British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Beach Access North East Beach Wheelchairs

  • Raising awareness and funds for coastal access to all through highlighting programmes such as Beach Wheelchairs and the Outdoor Guide schemes

  • Assisting visitors around coastal areas and beaches giving directions, advise and information about local facilities, businesses and events having been awarded the England’s Coast Ambassador Award and become an Outdoor Walking Guide Ambassador

So it’s not all coffee and cakes, though that is an essential part of it 😆, hope to see lots of you out and about on your visits to Northumberland … remember to leave only footprints 👣

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Coastal Custodian
Coastal Custodian

Am delighted that you enjoy the page so much Suzanne and thank you for your kind comments and all of your contributions to the page x 🐶🐶💙


Love your CC page and all the information you share. What’s going on what’s coming up and all best foodie places and of course all the wonderful photos of our beautiful Northumberland coast.Last but certainly not least keeping us up to date with all Lola and Louie’s adventures.

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