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‘Vikings’ The Last Kingdom Themed Tour of Lindisfarne & Bamburgh with Lundgren Tours

Vikings’ The Last Kingdom Themed Tour … Would you like to experience Holy Island and Bamburgh with a uniquely fun and entertaining guide whilst learning about how the Viking era started with the Viking raid on Lindisfarne in the year AD 793 and how this links not only to Uhtred’s future but also his bloodline? Yes well this is just the tour for you.

I was kindly invited along with Lundgren Tours an award winning, family run tour company based in the heart of rural Northumberland to experience one of their guided tours, the Last Kingdom Themed Tour Of Bamburgh Castle (Bebbanburg) and Linidisfarne

📸Lindisfarne Castle from the Harbour

The tour started from Durham where you can be collected by coach or pick up point at Newcastle though I met Ragnar (aka Rob Lundgren the founder of the company) on Holy Island where the tour started (please always check crossing times before hand)

As we set off on our tour Ragnar announced to the group that he was taking us on a journey of the real Uhtred the Bold who defended his home of Bebbanburg, dressed in authentic costume and wielding his Viking sword I believed every word he said!

📸Ragnar wielding his mighty (but blunt!) sword

Throughout the day I really felt that Rob (and his family parents Karen and Tim and of course little Bobby 🐶💙) aim was to provide more than just an informational tour, and they strived to deliver an experience at the same time, really bringing the tour to life. They showcased the region whilst sharing their local knowledge and anecdotes such as stories about St Cuthbert’s living as a hermit on the island whilst preaching gospels eating fish and mussels and making the Eider ‘cuddy’  ducks as friends, all of which really helped create an authentic and immersive experience with fun Viking ‘challenges’ along the way.

📸Fun Viking challenges

The tour included sufficient historical content and local knowledge and with Rob’s enthusiastic style it was so engaging and his storytelling so immersive that it really is an experience rather than a tour

Some of the highlights included:

  • A visit and Free tasters of the ‘nectar of the gods’ Lindisfarne Mead at St Aidan’s Winery

  • The Hill of Doom Battle with Ragnar (great photo opportunities)

  • A guided tour of Holy Island showcasing the start of the viking era and how this not only affected Uhtred’s future but also his bloodline

  • A walk over to the picturesque St Cuthbert’s Isle (if safe crossing times permit)

  • A guided tour of Bamburgh and the castle showcasing Uhtred’s beginning, his rise to power and his inevitable demise as well as the similarities and differences between the real history and the fantasy

  • Some free time to enjoy these fantastic locations

📸The ‘nectar of the gods’ Lindisfarne Mead tasting

If you’re not wanting to join the coach

trip you can make your own way there and join the tour from Holy Island as part of your own stay in Northumberland just advise when booking.

The Viking trip to Lindisfarne and Bamburgh really is no ordinary guided tour – its a performance and an interactive experience, so if the thought of battling with Ragnar and wielding a Viking sword appeals to you, (a blunted one that is)  – as they really don’t want any nasty accidents and insurance claims! want to sample the ‘nectar of the gods’ Lindisfarne Mead or be crowned King or Queen of Bebbanburg then this is just the experience you are looking for. 

📸Will you be King or Queen of Bebbanburg?

To read more about the tour click here:

To book click here:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in

collaboration with Lundgren Tours. Please mention the Coastal Custodian recommendation if you book.

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