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New for Northumberland in 2023


Ad Gefrin

A Whisky Distillery and Anglo-Saxon Museum experience is edging closer to opening in 2023 and they cannot wait to welcome you. Located in Wooler, Northumberland, Ad Gefrin will comprise a whisky distillery – the first legal distillery in the county in 200 years – and a state-of-the-art museum and visitor experience that explores the region's Anglo-Saxon heritage.

Ahead of its opening to the public in February 2023, and the commencement of its own distilling operation, Ad Gefrin is launching a range of blended whiskies. Named Tácnbora (meaning 'standard bearer' in Old English), the range aims to incorporate whiskies from nations whose people would have occupied the historical Kingdom of Northumbria: Scotland, Ireland, England and Scandinavia. (Whiskey Magazine)


The world’s biggest children’s play park, is set to open in Northumberland in 2023. Construction is well under way and the brand new play area village called Lilidorei will be located at The Alnwick Garden

It’s set to house fantastic creatures such as goblins, elves, dwarves and pixies, with every clan having its own specific house. There will be immersive sounds, zip wires, slides and climbing walls connecting the lives of the mischievous clans; after dark it will be illuminated with fairy lights and Christmas trees where it is Christmas all year long.

Lilidorei’ means “the children’s adventure with play at its heart” and both the idea and name dreamt up by The idea for the park was dreamt up by the Duchess of Northumberland.  As part of The Alnwick Garden charity, Lilidorei has committed to offering “Free Fridays” during term time to ensure that every schoolchild in Northumberland and the surrounding areas has the chance to visit the attraction for free during their primary years’ education.

Tempus Charlton Hall

Taking its name from the Latin word for ‘time’ The Tempus is the new hotel, bar and restaurant in the grounds of Charlton Hall Estate in Alnwick.  Set to open Spring 2023 it will mark The Doxford Group’s third venture to compliment their existing wedding venue Doxford Barns and the unique and quirky Charlton Hall Hotel.

In addition to 15 luxurious bedrooms inspired by Alice in Wonderland, The Tempus will also house a ground-floor bar, restaurant and orangery offering bistro-style dining and late night-cocktails, perfect for celebration events, intimate dining experience or a tipple or two in the hotel bar

The addition of The Tempus will increase the number of guests that they can currently sleep on site to 86 and the new bar and restaurant will provide an exciting new culinary address for the area and all of Northumberland

Ingram Valley Safari and Astro Barn Experiences

Safari Experience

Discover a world of adventure onboard the Ingram Valley Farm Safari Traxter off-road vehicles and travel back through time on this epic journey. Your immersion into the past 12,000 years starts with the glaciers of the last ice age which melted away to reveal a beautiful tundra landscape with deer and wild cattle. In recent times red deer have been re-introduced to the farm (and you will have the chance to get up close to these wonderful animals) and the cattle once again graze the hilltops, look out for the beast that is El Niño. Immerse yourself into 6,000 years of farming history as you are taken through myth, legend and the history of England’s largest scheduled ancient monument at Ingram Valley Farm.

Astronomy Evenings

The Northumberland National Park officially has the most pristine dark skies in England, having very low levels of light pollution meaning that Ingram Valley have some of the darkest most ‘pristine dark skies’ in England making Ingram one of the best places in GB to go stargazing

Take a fascinating journey into space with with Resident Astronomer Dr Adrian Jannetta FRAS (Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society). The planet show and astronomy talk will take place from the comfort of the Green Space that is Ingram Village Hall and the award winning Safari vehicle, for more details visit

Photo By: Graeme Pattison

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